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it doesn't matter how thick your skin is if you wear your heart on the sleeve

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the pleased chunface in the last one tho…

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Anonymous said: Regarding your "maturity" comment, does that apply to both JaeChunSu AND HoMin OR just one group?

It applies to every human being ;) just give it a try. It’s hard, and sometimes even impossible, but nothing makes you see the world clearer then when you try to see the whole picture, from all sides. If we, people, try to do that then our world will definitely become a better place. less hate, more love. 

and I know what I’m talking about, cos I, myself, try that everyday. And sometimes I fail. But I start again. and again. and agian. just give it a try. ;) 

If you need help in open your heart to any of them five, come to me, I’ll be honored to show you their perfections, their flaws, their adorkability, their beautiful souls, their preciousness… :D <3 <3 <3

All hail the Rising Gods of the East! 

PS: Gosh, I hope you have a sense of humor :) 


Kim Jaejoong does the ice bucket challenge

ALS캠페인..일리야 땡큐 좋은일하게 해줘서~제가 지목 

ALS campaign..I did it for the cause. Thank you. Let’s do this good cause~

Anonymous said: I agree with Andi on twitter! Can we get a GemJoong/Everjoong essay?


*mumbles about can of worms*

It’s Been Two Years But Kim Jaejoong Is Still My Bias
     *or The Day Gems Learned That It’s Actually Not Normal To Hate Your Bias

Plot twist: I’m gonna actually write a thing to update the thing I wrote last year instead of replying with a puppy. Or maybe there’ll be a puppy at the end. Maybe he’s the puppy. Idk.

We’re gonna start this off with a disclaimer, because as much as I don’t actually hate Jae, I really do not want to be associated with the jaeharem (and seriously, there needs to be a new name for that). He’s a friggin dork but it’s not embarrassing being a fan of his, it’s the other fans that go overboard that makes me want to not. I’m not going to generalize and say that if you’re a fan of Kim Jaejoong, clearly you’re insane but nobody wants to be known as that crazy Jaejoong bias. So if you were looking for a reason why I try to distance myself from everyone, there you go. ("I hate my bias." "That’s only you, Gems." "But he’s so dumb." "Leave Jaejoong alone, dear.") I’m gonna try to break this up into coherent segments. There is no way this is going to be short so after this, never ask me about him again. …what an intro paragraph.

Why does anyone pick a favorite person to bias? Sometimes you like their personality, or their philosophy, or the work that they put out. Sometimes they emulate who you aspire to be. Why is Nana my female bias? Because she’s gorgeous, knows it, and lets that confidence shine through but doesn’t let the fame get to her head. To everyone who said that Nana is the girl version of Jae, yeah. You’re right. I thought she was pretty but didn’t bother becoming her fan until I found out how much of a dork she is. I have the attention span of a goldfish. Pretty? Yeah, I’ll take a look. Amazingly complex person that I could admire? Now I’m interested.

But why Fucking Kim Jaejoong? I never stood a goddamn chance. It was …absolute blitzkrieg, between Mirotic, Time Slip and Protect the Boss. You try easing yourself into kdramas and kpop and he’s just everywhere. Not to mention promotions for Jackal was starting. All within the same week. Meep. Apparently I think he’s gorgeous and god knows I have tunnel vision. And that he makes really good music too or something, idk. The best part is, he’s an absolute loser because if he was anything but, I would’ve probably chosen idk Changmin as a bias instead.

I dunno, you know how you want to protect the precious people in the world and give them all the good, happy things? Most days he feels like a lost puppy you want to wrap up in a burrito blanket just because he’s been through so much and for the most part, while the sadness has dragged him down, he uses his experiences to better himself as a person and an artist. No, not all the things he puts out is great, but you damn well know he poured his imperfect soul into it anyways.

[When I say I could write an entire essay on TVXQ, I wasn’t joking. I’ve been thinking about this for 18 months when I realized I could’ve written my thesis on DBSK and the Importance of Media in their Survival so ….it gets long, except it’s focused on Jae and doesn’t delve into their history. Otherwise known as Everything You Could Ever Want To Know About How I Feel About This Dumb.]

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20/8/2014 Bornfreeonekiss (ice bucket challenge^^)

Minimalist Posters | JYJ - Just Us Album

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